What To Do Before Hiring a Domestic Servant

There is nothing wrong in hiring domestic servants, if you have the means. They help out with house chores and also keep the home front safe, busy and secure.

This is while you are away at work, business, social outing, or even relaxing at home after the hustles and bustles of the day.

Apart from house chores, the servants also help take care of the children – bathing, feeding and taking them to school, if they (the children) are much younger.

Off course, you know who domestic servants are: househelps, gardeners, cook, laundryman, security guard, etc.

Take a break and look at the issue from this angle. Before you think of hiring a domestic servant, take a pause and ask yourself the nature and character of the person you are about to bring into your home.

In security, there is what is called due diligence or background check. You need to know every personal details about your could-be domestic servant.

The names, age, residential address, family, locality, community, tribe, state, fingerprint, photograph and nationality of the servant you are about to hire.

Off course, it is expected that the servants should be discipline, neat, submissive, hardworking, respectful, accommodating, tolerance, and exhibit a large percentage of morality.

Background checks help you to know intimately the kind, nature and character of the person you want to handover your children and loved ones to, while you are away from home.

In this 21st century world of organized robberies, kidnapping, murder, ritual killing, terrorism, militancy and other forms of criminalities, it is important that seekers of domestic servants do not end up hiring armed robbers, ritualists, hired killers, murderers and other criminal elements into their homes.

Why I am writing this? Simple. In Lagos, Nigeria, records available at the police offices showed that some people have fallen victims to the antics of hired domestic servants and are living to regret their actions and decisions.


I do not have a monopoly of knowledge. I know you too; my dear readers do not either.

But, if we do not know any damn thing about due diligence, background checks and private investigations, it is only right to reach out to the local police or registered and credible private security companies around you.

The police, private investigators or private companies are experts in background checks or due diligence.

This is the only way you will get to know intimately the domestic servant you are about to bring into your home.

It is the only way your money, jewelries, assets, and other personal items could be safe and if stolen by your servant, the items could be traced and subsequently recovered from the thieves based on the information available to the police.

It is the only way your child or loved ones may be treated right, while you are away.

But, in addition to all of these, installing a closed circuit television at strategic positions in your home or premise will assist you in monitoring the movement of people and vehicles around the place. This could be done, regardless of your distance from home. Have a blessed day.