How To Communicate With Your Virtual Assistant

Before we start on how to communicate with your virtual assistant lets look at how you find the perfect VA for your task. One of the first things is to do is make a list of all of the daily tasks that you are currently doing within your business and then remove the tasks that only you can do, all of the remaining tasks you can outsourced.

Now you have the list the skills that you will need your virtual assistant to do you may need more than one VA:

· Someone that is technical

· Has video editing experience

· Article writing

· Social media skills


It’s unreasonable to think that the one virtual assistant would have all of these skills they may have one or two but the only way to see if they can complete their task is always to test them. Have them do a short test with a time frame to have this back to you.

How to communicate with your virtual assistant.

As I see all the emails that come into my company the challenge for most people is how to be understood. English is not the first language of the Filipino VA they can get very confused with clients that want to give a long story in their email about the task which is not necessary at all.

If you have a number of tasks keep the tasks to sharp, succinct and dot point works best in step order so the tasks flows best.

What I love to teach new clients about is the use of Jing software that can either record a 5 minute video where you can talk and show the virtual assistant where to find the information for the task or have them move it to another area.

Also it has screen capture that allows you to take a photo of the screen and then circle or use arrows to point to what you need to happen.

When a task comes back to you please check it thoroughly and give it back to the VA for corrections and or comments.

Further suggestions:

  • On a Sunday I do my to do list for the tasks that need to be done by the following week. This means that all the work will be given for the week to the VA.
  • Keep the work flow to manageable and easy to follow steps
  • This will cut down on the number of emails