What Was Your Latest “I Should Have Thought of That” Moment?

How many times in your life have you said to yourself or out loud, ” I should have thought of that”. Well as a lifelong inventor it happens to me many times. As a result I have brought to market many items. Inventing is strictly the end result of pure observation. Something anyone can do. But most people ask me, what do I do next once I have an idea?

It is not rocket science but it is involved. If you want to bring it to product form:

1. Research online to see if something like your idea exists. Visit local stores to see if like items are available. If you see none continue to step 2. and so on.

2. Write it down. Make drawings. Take photos. Start the document process.

3. Protect it – copyright or patent or trademark.

4. Search for sources to manufacture or license it.

5. Manufacture it yourself.

6. Market product.

7. SELL IT! In retail, wholesale, online, direct TV etc.

8. Remember every NO is one step closer to YES!

There are hundreds of thousands of products that never make it to a store shelf because the inventor never turned their passion into actual effort. Even though it may seem like a daunting task, I assure you it is not impossible to master. The product you create regardless of its degree of difficulty requires equal amounts of attention and effort. The golden rule is to do ONE thing/task each day to further your product in its stages of creation. It can be as simple as making one phone call to research a source, a contact or someone to help you along in the process. Just remember ONE thing every day! And once you are in this habit you will see how quickly you will progress through the process and actually finish creating your product. The creating process, the initial thought is only 1 % of the concept. The other 99% is all the information needed behind each product that will bring it to life.

Some helpful places to look for information on existing products is: http://www.uspto.gov which is the website for United States Patent and Trademark office where you can do a free search for products like yours and see if something already exists. Or http://www.copyright.gov for copyright registrations already in place.

So from one inventor to another- Stop dreaming and start creating!