Who Are Your App’s Target? Knowing User Sentiments Right

For deciding the user segment or target market for an app, the only thing needed is knowing all the pain points of the mobile users. A mobile app’s key touchpoint is its ability to influence brand interactions, level up the UX (User Experience) and increase customer satisfaction. But, how to ensure that the app you are getting for your business will hit the right users? Does it accompany all the features that users needed desperately? There are many things you should know well to make sure that your app is grasping the right audience or right opportunities in the market. The only way to get that is by knowing the emotions playing in the minds of the users and striking the right chord.

The following section explains to you how to know about users’ sentiments and then build an app that resonates with them.

Understanding the apps that already prevail

To get your own position in the market, first know the weak points of the existing apps. List out your competing apps, study and analyse their product information, reviews, feedbacks and market statistics. Examine well to know the solutions they lack or the issues users face from the reviews and get them right in yours.

Studying users behaviour

Talking directly with the users is the best way to understand their pain points. There are many ways to do that. Online/offline surveys, interviews, or focus groups. You need to analyse from the responses their expectations from an app solution and build yours to cater to them.

Creating the User Personas

To target the right audience in the market, create user personas as they assist well in identifying the true emotions of users associated with the app after uncovering some true facts about them. Personas are simply complete user profiles which include vital personal details like locations, mobile usage behaviour, needs or expectations. With the personas, you can truly get an absolute idea of the “who and why” of your app creation.

Users’ journey map is an essential consideration

Knowing the users’ journey helps in adapting the app to their altering behaviours over the time. It will help you perceive the user experience from their point of view, how they like to interact with the brand and what are the key areas to improve. This will eventually empower you to tweak in your app’s functions perfectly according to the user’s behavior and turn them to loyal followers.

Companies that fail to recognise the main sentiments of customers behind using an app, clearly cannot get a user-centric app solution that caters to all of their needs. The key way always is to knowing their desires, emotions, preferences, or pain points well and working hard to address them through your concerned app. That’s how you will find your app targeting the right users or utilising the right opportunity in the market.