This Is How Kassem Mohamad Ajami Led To The Establishment Of Saba Steel

Kassem Mohamad Ajami is a Steel Magnate (industrialist) based out of Nigeria and is chairman & CEO of Saba Steel Industrial Nigeria Ltd. – West Africa & Nigeria’s largest steelmaking company. And currently has led to the establishment of another sister company named Metal Berg Manufacturing in association with Co-managing Director Majed Hamadi. The duo has an experience of more than 20 years in the steel industry.

Let’s find out how this steel magnate Kassem Mohamad Ajami embarked himself to such height. This is his life journey.

He was fascinated by the steel manufacturing since his early 20s and led to the establishment of his own venture at the age of 22.

This passion of immersing into steel manufacturing started when Kassem Ajami once went to Indonesia for a vacation, there in the retail market, looked at the prices of bars & rods & realized how great margin these products hold.

Gradually, Kassem Ajami became determined to expand his business global to become a major steel player across the globe & thus targeted international efforts in profitable countries like China,Ukraine, Germany, India and then finally built his strong base in West Africa & Nigeria as their market is great, flourished with resources & holds high-end margins.

And then, there was a time when his venture was experiencing downfalls as the international market was fragmented, innovation was lacking, steel sector was becoming a victim of overcapacity, high indebtedness & the rock bottom steel prices.

How he handled the situation?

Kassem realized the need to have a strong management team to support his extension & the fluctuations within the market. He hired great supervisors & managers, doubled the production & started selling to booming markets of East to reap great margins.

His sheer efforts led him to the sweat of success and within no time, the steel prices increased, the production capacity of steel products increased and he managed to expand his business all over Nigeria.

His qualities & Personality

He is someone who doesn’t seek publicity, always thinking of growth, no complacency, outstanding vision, leading entrepreneurship skills, rooted values & ethos which are non-fail-able.

His vision and future approaches

As a founder of two steel manufacturing enterprises – Saba Steel Industrial Nigeria & MetalBerg Manufacturing, his vision is to grow the steel products manufacturing for other ventures disposal at budget-friendly rates. Aimed at producing high-end & quality assured products that are yield generating & quick-to-use in any process.

Also, to form a market of repeated & existing clientele for their quality-led & sustainable operations. To create a platform where every steel product is present under one hood as per any shape, size & dimension requirement so that businesses can save their major increases in their cost sheet.