How to Promote a Great Event for a Worthy Cause


Product quality remains the key factor to sunglasses distributor’s success and it has consistently been proven you don’t have to spend $175 for quality sunglasses. Most sunglasses lenses are made from poly carbonate, light but nearly impossible to break. Polarized sunglasses lenses are center ground to eliminate distortion. Frames should wrap around your face to prevent ambient light from entering through the sunglasses top or sides. The preferred frame material is either a TR-90 polymer or aluminum magnesium, light and extremely durable. Multiple lens coatings and a great fit ensure 99.9 % protection from harmful Ultraviolet A and Ultraviolet B rays.


Sunglasses distribution models usually begin with development of a resale network to promote and sell products through retail venues. Providing events directly with performance sunglasses is another effective way to accelerate sales. The real value of direct distribution becomes evident when sunglasses, the accompanying micro fiber polishing cloth and protective hard case are customized with the sponsor name, event or venue.


Most event hosts and sponsors prefer to provide large Brand sunglasses, until they understand a cost point of $100 plus diminishes the contribution to a worthy cause, because the commensurate participation fee has to be increased. Support of events with personnel present to manage merchandising, inventory, fulfillment, fitting and product return is an important service to events. Instead of providing only a couple of styles to choose from, we recommend providing at least six Women’s and six Men’s styles for recipients to choose from and selected by the event organizers. Each style comes with different lens and frame color combinations, instead of a black frame and black lens, only. To ensure everyone receives the style and lens – frame color preference, providing at least 3 X the number of sunglasses compared to anticipated attendees is important to event organizers. Event organizers don’t want excess inventory to liquidate, so all excess inventory should be removed at the end of the event and the event should be charged only for product actually fulfilled. Finally, because volunteers are the lifeblood of events, sunglasses are an affordable incentive to allow the host to thank the volunteer for their support.


After event registration, guests are directed to an area with sunglasses displays containing Women’s, Men’s and Youth styles. The recipient tries on and receives the sunglasses, case and pouch of their preference. The sunglasses include a micro fiber polishing cloth and a protective hard case with the name of the event or worthy cause on the hard case. To help subsidize the cost to the event, sponsors names may be placed on the polishing pouch.

T-shirts, golf shirts and donated participation gifts have proven to be the enemy of any special occasion, meeting or fundraising activity for a worthy cause. Many of us have closets containing a selection of T-shirts or golf shirts that will never be worn, primarily because it wasn’t something selected or it provides nominal value.

Outdoor enthusiasts enjoy supporting worthy causes through participation in golf tournaments, 10 K run – walks, fishing tournaments and other outdoor activities. The activity itself justifies participation and the knowledge of helping to support a worthy cause makes the activity that much more fun. But at the end of these select events, a question often asked “is there some element that reinforces or reminds me of my enjoyment that day?”. Instead, every time a participant gets in the car, they may reach for sunglasses and be reminded of a great event, worthy cause and the new friends met.