Getting the Most From Your Fabric Exhibition Display

Fabric displays are the next generation of exhibition display stands. Displays are a vital marketing tool at exhibitions, trade shows and events, helping you stand out from the crowd. Unlike other traditional displays, these displays are made to be reusable and easy to care for with their ability to be washed in the washing machine. Exhibitions can be costly and so in order to make sure your fabric displays are as cost effective as possible and ensure replacements aren’t needed it is important to follow some simple care instructions in order to get the best from your fabric display and care for them correctly.

Here are 6 ways you can extend the life of your fabric displays:

1. Ask a friend to help with assembly

2. Assemble in a dry, clean area

3. Positioning

4. Use indoors only

5. Don’t drag along the floor

6. Follow the washing instructions

Ask a friend to help with assembly

Although fabric displays are extremely lightweight, they are large and so can require more than one person to assemble. By asking a friend to help you when assembling the display, it will help keep the fabric off the floor and increase the speed in which it is assembled.

Assemble in a dry, clean area

Fabric displays should be assembled in a dry, clean area, and should be attempted to keep the fabric from touching the floor. It is also recommended to wear white gloves during assembly and when handling, to ensure no grease or dirt is transferred to the graphics.


When positioning the display stand, one item to consider is lighting. It is quite common for exhibition events and trade shows to have poor lighting conditions making it hard for your display to stand out against the background. We would highly recommend the use of artificial lighting to be directed onto your display stand to make it as visible as possible.

If you are using a double-sided display be aware of putting the display in front of strong lights. It may become hard to read due to light seeping through the fabric and possibly imprinting the rear graphic on the front.

Use indoors only

Fabric display stands are only suitable for use indoors. Although they are water proof, they are not designed to be used externally.

Don’t drag along the floor

Dragging your fabric display along the floor can not only get the fabric graphics dirty, but also could tear or wear down your graphics. Ensure when moving the display, the stand is lifted off the floor and placed at its new location with care.

Follow the washing instructions

Always check your fabric display’s individual instructions, but most can be washed at 30 degrees with normal detergents. The fabric graphics can be ironed at a low temperature on the unprinted side although this is not necessary as the elasticity of the graphics will stretch out any creases when it is pulled around the frame and secured, leaving a crease-free taut seamless appearance. For optimal results, it is optional to steam wrinkles out of the frame when it is on the frame, avoiding any contact between the steamer and the fabric as drops of water could cause water marks to stain the graphics. It is also important to note that fabric displays are also not suitable to tumble dry as it can cause the fabric to shrink, instead leave the fabric graphic to air dry on its frame, ensuring the frame is clean before doing so. Each fabric display is supplied with care instructions. Please consult these before washing.